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  • Personal Training Melbourne

    This is hands down the best gym in Brevard county, the family atmosphere, the best trainers always pushing every one and the awesome facilities makes this place second to none!! If you really want a gym we're you can get results and feel like part of the family look no further!

    Daniel G. Raffaeli
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    The training and classes at CP are top notch and are as challenging as you want to make it. As a former college athlete, the instruction and attention to detail are second to none. The staff is helpful and courteous and the members make it a great place to work out. I think I'm addicted!!!

    Terry Parks
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    Highly motivated and extremely knowledgeable staff!!! They take the time to get to know you and do what it takes to help reach your fitness goals!! ***Bonus: The best post workout smoothies in town!!!***

    Eric Seoane
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    It's only my 4th week. I am already feeling changes in my body!! This is not a "gym" it's a place to get my athletic self back with others who want to do the same. No judgement no feeling less than. Instead it is an atmosphere of pumping me up and having my back!

    I have a free membership at multiple gyms...and I chose to join Performax!!!!! Well worth the investment!!!!!

    Chris Graeff
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    This gym has changed my life in so many positive ways.... From losing weight, toning up, increasing my endurance to feeling great! The owners, the trainers and all other employees are professional and friendly. I get pushed to do what I am capable of but didn't think I was. A wide variety of challenging classes are offered. I have belonged to several gyms over time, but never one that I can't wait to get to everyday.

    Karen Mitchell Barrett Monahan
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    I started 6 weeks ago on trial. I am joining on Friday! Everyone here is so supportive and kind! There are NO EGOS! They will let you work at your ability, but push gently so you make goals! I love everything about this place! Even the other people who work out are friendly! I feel STRONGER!! I wanna keep this going!

    Lorraine Brady Jones
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    I absolutely love Club Performax! I just joined the club and enrolled in the 21 day fat shredder program. The workouts are a true challenge - which I personally love. (My mantra is "too determined to be defeated"). They are also all inclusive in getting the whole body and mind in shape, through the training, the menu and the amazing support and expertise of the trainers. After the first day I was so impressed that I signed up for an additional 3 weeks of the program. Keep up the awesome work Rod, Risa, and trainers.

    Kimberly Anne Kanarick
  • Personal Training Melbourne

    I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I 110% recommend this facility! The personal trainers are completely overqualified and able to integrate individualized training within group settings (which is a difficult task). If you are in the Melbourne area, there is no other training center that compares!

    Brittney Hellemann


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