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Our Nutrition Coaching Provides Sustainable Strategies And Professional Instruction

When it comes to weight loss, there is no one menu plan that works for everyone. That’s why we are happy to offer you a custom plan that is based on small daily changes in dietary habits that yield a lifetime of healthy eating and weight loss.

Our team at Club Performax is here to help you enjoy long-lasting results and we can't wait for you to get started.

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What's Included With Our Nutrition Coaching?

At Club Performax, we are happy to partner with some of the best minds in nutrition, weight loss and eating for sports performance. The Club Performax app is a revolutionary app that tracks your daily intake, analyzes your nutrition goals, and helps with meal planning all in one! Our app is a new approach for real success. 

The app works with you to create personalized meal plans that meet the highest standards. It takes a complex task and makes it easy and fun! Experience the difference that complete balanced nutrition can make in your life.


Our Nutrition Coaching program is helping men and women across Rockledge, Melbourne, and Viera:

  • Create balanced meal plans and recipes
  • Track macro and calorie goals
  • Track daily habits and activity for serious results 
  • Share progress and milestones with a coach and accountability group 

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Don't let your health and wellness suffer just because you haven't yet found the right solution. At Club Performax, we're here to work with you through every step of the process and offer you a support system that can't be matched. 

Our Nutrition Coaching program is giving men and women all across Rockledge, Melbourne, and Viera the chance to thrive. We can't wait for you to be next. 

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