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  • Delicious and Dairy Free Zuppa Toscana Soup - Best Healthy Eating in Melbourne, Florida

    Delicious and Dairy Free Zuppa Toscana Soup - Best Healthy Eating in Melbourne, Florida

    😋🇮🇹 I like Italian. And if you like Italian too, then you will love this clean Zuppa Toscana recipe. It is a much healthier version of the ones you find at your favorite restaurants. It’s dairy-free and super delicious! 👉If you want a little extra fiber, you can add some cannellini beans too. 🍲👩🍳🥔Zuppa Toscana Soup (serves about 6) Ingredients

    4 slices uncured bacon
    1 lb (450 g) uncured Italian sausage with the casings removed (get your favorite brand: chicken or turkey!)
    1 large onion, chopped
    1 tbsp Italian seasoning
    3 cloves minced garlic
    6 cups (1.4 L) low-sodium chicken broth
    6 medium red potatoes (chopped to bite-size)
    6 oz (168 ....

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  • My Dentist Held My Hand

    My Dentist Held My Hand

    Believe it or not, a grown man of fairly decent size and strength needed reassurance and support. And yes, even his hand held. For a needle and some drilling. I hadn’t had a cavity since I was a kid. A looooooong time ago. But I remember it well. Yes, I am a needle and dental weenie. So all 5 foot 1 inch and 95 pounds of Dr. P, as I call her, could tell I was uneasy. She asked, "are you ok"? And took my hand reassured me I would be fine. I think mostly she didn’t want to have to replace her chair as I was clenching so hard and about to rip the arm rests off. That gesture and reassurance went a long way. So where’s the fitness connection? ....

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  • I can't believe someone asked me that!

    Yesterday a new member said to me, "I love these workouts, I've never done anything like this before...where do you guys get them"? I have never been asked that before, but I guess it makes sense. With so much stuff on YouTube and IG and the webs...well I guess it'd be easy to randomly swipe workouts and say "just do this". Apparently thats what a lot of so-called "fitness experts" do. But NO , that is not what we do. We develop training programs for people 40 and up that want to Feel Good , Get More Energy and Lose Body Fat . And that also take into consideration the multitude of issues the aging body faces. For the past two decades, my team and ....

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  • 3 Tips: Do This to Survive the Holidays!

    I know, I know, you are super busy right now. BUT
    … I also know that you want to get through the next few weeks without packing on any extra fat. This time of year is like a minefield…holiday parties, visiting family, mall food, an abundance of treats at the office, gym apathy and the overwhelm of season. I call it the holiday fitness gauntlet. And as you know, even when you miss only a couple weeks of training and mindful eating, it always feels like you’re starting over. So here are 3 crucial tips to avoid the dreaded holiday fitness gauntlet. 1- DON'T LET GO!
    - Trust me, I get it. I know that you are going to have a few "bad" meals during the ....

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  • A Cyber Meal and a Cyber Deal: Comprehensive Program for 2020 and Protein Hot Cakes VIDEO! Best Personal Training and Nutrition in Melbourne.

    Happy Cyber Monday! Yes, I'm going to give you every reason to get started on a complete fitness plan with a super discount. But before that, I want to share one of my family's favorite breakfast recipes. My daughter was home from school yesterday and as usual...she wanted PANCAKES! Check out this recipe I use for a high protein, low carb and gluten free alternative to the usual fare. It's super easy, low calorie, inexpensive and way healthier than the standard batch of pancakes. Most people walk around in a protein deficit. Increasing your protein intake is one of best ways to control caloric intake, improve your metabolism, maintain muscle mass as well as ....

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  • Important New iPhone Tip

    Important New iPhone Tip

    I love my iPhone! It’s not an is an iPhone 7 and it works great. OK, so this isn't one of those new phone reviews which are so popular. And I’m sure the new one is life changing and all that. But i f you’re contemplating buying the latest phone you’d better be in the shape that you want to be in. I recently read over 200 applications for one of my fitness programs. It was staggering to see how many people 40 and up were on 3,4,5 or more medications to control their health. How many felt truly unhappy about their bodies. And how many that couldn’t do the activities they wanted. And that lacked the energy throughout the day. Felt crappy from ....

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  • Protein Packed Waffles & Pancakes - Best Nutrition in Melbourne!

    Protein Packed Waffles & Pancakes - Best Nutrition in Melbourne!

    PROTEIN WAFFLES / PANCAKES Send the kids off (and yourself) with a healthy start!! Try these protein packed waffles as a great alternative for the sugar loaded store bought kind. Make them, freeze them and enjoy on the go! Healthy Protein Waffles Ingredients:
    8 scoops dotFit Vanilla Whey protein powder
    1 box pancake mix
    4 cups water
    2/3 cups vegable oil
    2 eggs Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Mix with a wire whisk or use hand mixer. If too thick, add water and if too thin add more protein powder. Pour onto preheated waffle iron. This will make about 25-30 waffles depending on the size of the waffle iron. Add your favorite mix-ins! (Pecans, ....

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