Get strong and ripped without beating your body up

Get strong and ripped without beating your body up

I’ve got a couple of spots open if you’re looking to lose weight and feel great before summer!  Also stay tuned for an unbelievable offer coming your way this month.



Do you want to feel strong and energized?...Yes please!!!



Without the heavy weights and injuries?....HELL YES! 



Just about everyone wants a little more muscle and a lot less fat. 



And conventional wisdom tells you that you've got to lift very heavy to build muscle and train almost daily to achieve it. 



Well, I haven’t lifted heavy since my twenties and even then it was more of an alternative lifting approach because I didn't want to end up injured like so many others. 



Using a system of alternative progressive loading (APL) programming you too can gain muscle, get strong, and look lean without lifting dangerously heavy weights. 



Using this approach and limiting my high impact activities like running and plyometrics has enabled me to largely preserve my joints, enjoy activities and stay away from the scalpel. 



A system of smart moves and the right nutrition will have you in your best shape in no time!




Do you want to learn how to implement some of these strategies into your routine?  Sign up for a free strategy session with me.  Call 321-757-6800 to schedule ASAP.



Yours in Strength,



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