Think About It, Then Do It!

Think About It, Then Do It!

Think about it, then do it!

We have all heard the phrase “going through the motions,” and we have probably all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. Often this comes easy and with no real negative circumstances. At work you can do just enough to slide by unnoticed in a meeting, or do just the bare minimum on a project to ensure its completed on time.

However, at the gym going through the motions can lead to some serious setbacks. Without concentrating on a specific… movement you could potentially injure yourself and be forced on the sideline. Next time you are in your training session ask yourself that simple question, “why am I here?” Are you training to take your strength to the next level, improve your mobility, increase your cardiovascular endurance, or do you just want to look better naked? If you can answer this question within the first minutes of your session, then you are already on the right track to avoid going through the motions. Remember, your workout starts the minute you walk through that door… ON TIME!

How can your coach help? Ask questions! Why you are doing something? How will it help you reach your goals? The more invested interest you have in reaching your goals. The better chance you will have of reaching them, and the more accomplishment you will feel upon completion.

Get after it with a purpose!

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