Who's In Charge... Your Brain Or Your Belly?

Who's In Charge... Your Brain Or Your Belly?

Who's in charge...the brain? Or the belly?

Well since your brain doesn’t get the hint that you’ve overeaten until about 20 minutes too late, then I guess the belly can sometimes be the boss.

You tell yourself that its time to get serious, eat healthier, drop a few pounds…I mean this time REALLY DO IT! But then the stress and exhaustion of the day gives way to the comfort foods of the night.

You try to clean up your act in one fell swoop but that only lasts for a short time. Cold turkey backfires.

A better strategy is to develop one small habit over time before moving to the next. Maybe its eating slower, drinking more water, eliminating wine during the week, taking your multi-vitamin, cutting back on sugar, increasing your protein, or better yet, going to bed early so you eliminate the late nite binge AND you get up early enough to crush that 5 am workout.

Your brain and belly will thank you for these small changes, one at a time, instead of that all or nothing mentality.

It may take a little longer to see big changes, but they will be permanent changes satisfying brain and belly alike.

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