Testimonial: Jacie

Testimonial: Jacie

An Incredible Journey

It all started with a hip replacement. In April of 2012, Jacie Stivers had an epiphany. She was in the worst physical fitness shape in her adult life because of the pain from her hip. For the first time, she felt she needed a trainer to help her increase her fitness level and prepare for hip replacement which was scheduled for the following June.

Fast forward five years. Jacie and her husband, Jimmy, continued to train rigorously and religiously at Club Performax, weight training three times a week. Jacie also fell in love with dragon boating, a sport that is exploding across America. In May of 2016, Jacie was invited to try out for the National USA Team Senior Division. She immediately increased the intensity of her workouts with Performax trainer, Ron Lorusso. The training also included independent on water training in an outrigger canoe twice a week and paddling with the local dragon boat club, Heart and Soul Dragon Boat Club, three times a week out of Oars and Paddles Park plus yoga classes. Jacie lost approximately 8 lbs. and reduced her overall body fat by approximately 8-10%. Tryouts consisted of timed push ups, Russian twists, and flat bench bar pull ups as well as ERG testing and water time trials. It not only took dedication and tenacity from Jacie, but also from Jimmy who was incredibly supportive as dragon boat training took a priority in both of their lives.

Tryouts were held in October, February, and May when the National USA Team was finally selected. Jacie finished in the top four places in all tryout categories and was selected as one of 25 women from a field of approximately 100 candidates to travel as part of the National USA Dragon Boat Team to the 13th International Dragon Boat World Nations Championships in Kunming, China, which were held in October, 2017. Jacie raced in 14 world championships races as a part of the women’s and mixed teams in the 2000M, 500M, and 200M distances. The mixed and women’s USA Senior Team medaled in every division they competed with four silver medals and two bronzes.

Dragon boating is an ancient Chinese sport that was started 2500 years ago. It was a coincidence that the World Championships were held this rotation in the birthplace of the sport. Dragon Boats are 43 ft. long boats with ten rows of two paddlers, a drummer, and steersperson. The boats are colorful with dragonheads and tails. The races are quick & noisy with the lots of shouting and drumming. It is the national sport in China and thousands of spectators attended the world championship races which were covered on live TV in 20 countries. There were about 30 countries that competed at World Championships. The pomp and ceremony was world class and over the top.

For Jacie and Jimmy, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Whether you just want to feel good and strong again or if you have a goal like Jacie’s, we can help. Our 15-Day Personal Training Experience is a great place to Jump Start your fitness and your life!

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