Willpower -VS- "Know" Power

Willpower -VS- "Know" Power

If you remember this image then you can recall the days of having to research, read, write and probably present your discoveries of the world to your classmates.

I can still remember school reports I did on the space industry, Langston Hughs, the history of flight and many others.

It was how we learned.

But living in today’s world you almost don’t need to “know” or remember anything. With just the click of a button or even beckoning Alexa we can do anything from translating a foreign language to dropping a transmission.

And of course this also exists in the world of fitness. A multitude of information is a click away on how to get healthy and strong, build muscle, shed extra weight, fill nutritional gaps, improve bone density, decrease risk factors, increase anaerobic threshold, prepare for a marathon and on and on.

We now all know what we should do. And can easily access how it should be done. The only hurdle that remains is “will” we do it!

I still encounter a reluctance on a daily basis from so many that know they should. They know the path that must be taken, yet still find any and every reason that paralyzes them from taking action.

Take action!

Knowledge is king. But will power is what takes you to the promised land. 💪

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