My Dentist Held My Hand

My Dentist Held My Hand

Believe it or not, a grown man of fairly decent size and strength needed reassurance and support.

And yes, even his hand held. For a needle and some drilling.

I hadn’t had a cavity since I was a kid. A looooooong time ago. But I remember it well.

Yes, I am a needle and dental weenie. So all 5 foot 1 inch and 95 pounds of Dr. P, as I call her, could tell I was uneasy.

She asked, "are you ok"?  And took my hand reassured me I would be fine. I think mostly she didn’t want to have to replace her chair as I was clenching so hard and about to rip the arm rests off.

That gesture and reassurance went a long way.

So where’s the fitness connection?

Well it just reminded me that so many people that haven’t exercised in a while have trepidations about starting. And that they just need a little hand holding and reassurance.

In fact, next to time excuses, the main obstacle for most is not knowing where to start. What to eat. Which program to follow. So they either put it off. Or they start back and hurt themselves. And quit soon after because they don’t get the results they are after.

It is not uncommon for people just getting back into exercising to gravitate to what they once knew. Were once comfortable and confident in. For men this is often their old high school routine like bench press and curls. For women this is often the treadmill, elliptical and some antiquated machine work.

And dusting off an old fad diet that was always good for knocking off a quick 5 pounds.

None of which works any more.

Times have changed, and we now understand the importance of real strength training, placing metabolic demands on the body, functional movements, implementing mobility exercises AND learning how to eat properly to maintain lean muscle and bone mass.

And training and living like an athlete so we age gracefully and continue to enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest.

You want all of this but you are busy juggling all that the day throws at you. It’s easy to see why you get intimidated. Uneasy. And need some hand holding.

That helping hand is exactly what will get you off the ground. Help you gain confidence. Build momentum. And get some real results.

So if you have been struggling with your initial launch and need some guidance and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any coach that can start you on the right path.

One that can help you create a nutrition and exercise roadmap so that you lose body fat, gain energy and start feeling like your old self.

And help you build the right mindset skills so your new lifestyle is lasting.

It is exponentially tougher to go it alone.

Just realize it is not too late. At any age, to start again and change old habits.

It just may take some help. A lending hand.

It sure helped for me. Thanks Dr P.

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