Important New iPhone Tip

Important New iPhone Tip

I love my iPhone! It’s not an is an iPhone 7 and it works great. 

OK, so this isn't one of those new phone reviews which are so popular. And I’m sure the new one is life changing and all that. 

But i
f you’re contemplating buying the latest phone you’d better be in the shape that you want to be in. 

I recently read over 200 applications for one of my fitness programs. It was staggering to see how many people 40 and up were on 3,4,5 or more medications to control their health. 

How many felt truly unhappy about their bodies. And how many that couldn’t do the activities they wanted. And that lacked the energy throughout the day. Felt crappy from the moment when they wake up. 

So if any of these are you, think twice about the new phone. Which is likely only to make you more sedentary, have less energy and add to the excuses of not having time to take care of yourself. 

Yesterday I met with a gentleman that checked all the boxes of being truly unhappy with his body and fitness level. He was also sporting that fancy new phone.

He wanted me to help him, but couldn't come to terms with paying over 50 bucks a month for a gym membership. 

I get it. We all know what we should be doing. And it can be hard to justify paying someone for something that we think we already know. 

But it's not the knowing. It is the doing. 

Doing is where we struggle. 

For the cost of a new phone you could have a coach for 6 months or more to give you guidance accountability feedback and the mental tools so you actually start following through on the actions that will get you there.

Of course if you're in good shape and consistent with your training, then get the dang phone. After all, Apple products are pretty cool.

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