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  • Get strong and ripped without beating your body up

    Get strong and ripped without beating your body up

    I’ve got a couple of spots open if you’re looking to lose weight and feel great before summer! Also stay tuned for an unbelievable offer coming your way this month.
    Do you want to feel strong and energized?...Yes please!!! Without the heavy weights and injuries?....HELL YES! Just about everyone wants a little more muscle and a lot less fat. And conventional wisdom tells you that you've got to lift very heavy to build muscle and train almost daily to achieve it. Well, I haven’t lifted heavy since my twenties and even then it was more of an alternative lifting approach because I didn't want to end up injured like so ....

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  • Trainers


    Our personal trainers are the best in the business; experienced, professional and welcoming. YOU are our priority and your success is our mission. And nothing motivates like a coach who understands what you need. Most importantly, from the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel like family. Our trainers and our members know that FIT FEELS GOOD and so does FRIENDLY! More than 20 years ago founders and owners, Rod and Risa Stewart realized how to make the fitness experience different, effective and fun when they pioneered small group training and team training; revolutionizing how personal training is done. ....

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  • Think About It, Then Do It!

    Think About It, Then Do It!

    Think about it, then do it! We have all heard the phrase “going through the motions,” and we have probably all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. Often this comes easy and with no real negative circumstances. At work you can do just enough to slide by unnoticed in a meeting, or do just the bare minimum on a project to ensure its completed on time. However, at the gym going through the motions can lead to some serious setbacks. Without concentrating on a specific… movement you could potentially injure yourself and be forced on the sideline. Next time you are in your training session ask yourself that simple question, “why am I here?” Are ....

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  • "It must be so easy!" - Fitness

    "It must be so easy!" - Fitness

    Often we hear “It must be so easy to work out, you work at a gym.” Let me ask you a question. How often do you enjoy hanging out in your office after work? Or how much do you enjoy going in to the office earlier than you have to be in? Not many people would be excited to stay late or get to work early. Our point here is, that no matter if you’re a trainer, in the health field, or you have a desk job, being motivated to exercise IS NOT EASY! Exercise and being healthy takes work. But the benefits of a healthy lifestyle make it all worth it. Here are some tips for staying motivated: 1 -
    Surround yourself with a community of active, healthy people, who enjoy exercise. ....

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  • What's Your Why?

    What's Your Why?

    What’s your why???? This is something you should be thinking about everyday. At Club Performax we have realized that the only way you accomplish your goals is to have a BIG enough why! If your goal is to lose “20 lbs.”. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? Will it make you more confident? Will it make you happier? Are you doing it to make your significant other happy? First we need to make sure these goals are coming from the right place. And then we need to have a big enough “why” to keep us moving towards the goal even when its tough and we have bad days. If you are struggling to find your why I would highly recommend the book “Starts ....

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