Villain in Disguise

America! It’s time to STAND UP!!

Sure, your comfy chair may look like your friend. But in reality, could he be out to get you?

They call sitting the new smoking. That’s right, studies show excessive sitting can be just as dangerous as tobacco! With sedentary lifestyles and obesity related disorders all at record highs and climbing, the last thing you should be doing all day is cozying up to your chair or couch.

I don’t care what you have to do, but absolutely do not sit at work all day and then drive home and sit with the tv on for several hours and then go to bed!

Walk for at least 30 minutes per day. An easy fix could be as simple as a walking buddy (the family pooch works…and will never let you down). Also, standing at work (there are great affordable standing desk options on the market), parking further away, and using your lunch break to walk and clear your mind after you finish your protein smoothie are great ways to battle the sitting dilemma.

Fit Feels better than your chair


Are you ready to stand up and beyond?