Team Training

Our Team Training is a high octane, ass kicking, performance based symphony of movement! You will burn fat, build strength, gain confidence, look and feel better! We will be the best, brightest, and most challenging part of your day!!

The unique structure of our groups allows you to maximize the benefit of your program and take full advantage of our expert training staff. Each workout is designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism. This is THE best fat loss workout available!

We have two Options to choose from:

Get Movin’!

• 2 Team Training workouts per week.
• Our Team Training group workouts have been the best in the business for  over 20 years.
• They are a great way to get started, lose a few pounds and start feeling better.
• They’re innovative, fast, effective, safe and fun.
• Access to Team Strength, Team Burn, Full Throttle, and Cardio Combat

Get Fit!

• Upgrade from Get Movin’ to Unlimited Team workouts for  building muscle, losing weight and
feeling great
• Great for  those looking to lose 5 – 10 lbs.
• See improvement in health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol.
• Access to Team Strength, Team Burn, Full Throttle, and Cardio Combat

Team Strength

A 30-minute, power-packed workout designed to get you that strong, athletic body you deserve.

You will build stronger muscles and bones by using kettlebells, barbells, power bands, heavy balls and body weight. Building muscle will not only help you look better in your clothes, but also rev your metabolism and give you the ability to do more of the things you enjoy most in life.

Team format provides you plenty of camaraderie and motivation from your coaches and workout buddies as you learn the necessary strength moves to build muscle safely.

It can be a stand-alone workout, but is offered in a back-to-back format with Team Burn to create the perfect 1-hour session.

Team Burn

A 30-minute, big calorie burn, cardio-fusion workout utilizing cycling, rowing, running and calisthenics to improve speed, aerobic capacity and recovery.

You will increase endurance and athletic performance in every sport, in addition to helping with weight and body fat loss. It works in conjunction with our MyZone heart rate tracking monitors so that your trainers can provide you with the safest and most effective workout. This system supplies instant feedback and big motivation as you and your workout buddies push each other to go that extra mile. So wear your belt or check one out from the front desk.

It can be a stand-alone workout, but is offered in a back-to-back format with Team Strength to create the perfect 1-hour session.

Full Throttle

A circuit training class that utilizes bells, bars, balls, and sprints to get that intense cardio pump you are looking for.

Longer, stronger, better athletic improvement with the supervision of our phenomenal training staff.

All out endurance!

High energy!

High calorie burn!

If you are looking for a great challenge, look no further.

Cardio Combat

An intense cardio workout using a variety of boxing moves and equipment. Punch and kick your way fit! All levels welcome!