21 Day New Year’s “Strong and Lean” Program Starts January 15

21 Day “Strong and Lean in 2018” Program Starts January 15

Ready to lose a little or a lot of unwanted pounds for good?  Do you currently work out, but you just don’t see the results you’d like?  Want to work

on bettering your golf game?  Just want to feel stronger when you try to lift your kids, grandkids or that carry-on from the overhead compartment on a plane?

Jump into our New Year’s “Strong and Lean in 2018” program and make easy, sustainable changes for a stronger, fitter YOU!  Surround yourself with coaches who care about your success and join a community of fellow participants who make exercise fun, all in place where you want to be.


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$99  –  21 Days of Coached Team Training workouts, Complete Meal Plan and more….

$199  –  All the above PLUS Personal Training Sessions AND 9 extra days to make it a 30 Day Experience!


If you’re a club member, tell your friends and family about this program and be sure to schedule your 2018 workout plan and nutrition Check-Up!



Tom aka the Bopper


I feel younger at 62 than I did at 22!  The programs at Club Performax have delivered results I only dreamed about.  Not only have I lost a lot of weight and increased my muscle mass, but even more importantly, I’m off blood pressure and other medications.  I feel great!


I was sedentary ever since having a brain tumor removed in 2013.  I started training at Club Performax in January 2016. My weight and body fat are way down and now I have lots of energy to keep up with my three young boys.  I’m sleeping better, feeling great and I have a more positive outlook on life.


“I was on vacation with my wife for our 37th anniversary.  I was so shocked after seeing the pictures and realizing what I had done to myself.  When I married I had a 34 inch waist.  When my friend, who is a Club Performax member, sent me a Facebook link, I was squeezing into a 42 inch waist.  I read the link and honestly was just drawn to your facility.  I have paid for memberships at other gyms, but just have no interest to go there.

Your staff is awesome to say the least….At this point I am already a believer.  They push me hard, but don’t allow me to fail.  I am excited to be committed to this.”


“After just 7 days (5 days workout, 2 days recovery), my pants feel looser, my chest and arms feel tighter, but the most noticeable thing?  I have two artificial knees and C5-C7 cervical fusion in my neck.  Just after 7 days I can get up and down off the floor with little problems at all and have more range of motion with my neck!  I have more energy at work.  I work outside 75% of the day in the heat or cold.  I’m an industrial electrician, oldest guy in my shop, climb ladders and work at heights.  After just one week on the shred I’m having no problems keeping up with the young guys!

Thanks to the trainers!  You guys rock!!”


“As a pastor, I had focused on caring for others, growing careless with regard to my own health. I got a wake-up call when a doctor friend offered to introduce me to his personal trainer. Rod and Margaret, of Club Performax, have helped me to pay attention to diet and exercise so that by taking care of myself, I would have more to offer others. In four months, I’m down forty pounds. Now I’m being a better steward of my health, and having fun in the process!”

Chuck’s Testimonial