Fit 30 Challenge

Join Club Performax for 30 days of clean eating and fitness fun 


Eat Right and Move Right for 30 days then watch and feel your body change

Get 30 days of great workouts led by our superstar coaches. With just the right amount of push, we will motivate you to work hard enough to get great results without hurting yourself. Build muscle by moving Right!


Finally a meal plan that isn’t boring or bland and that will cleanse your body and allow you to shed a bunch of body fat. Get lean by Eating Right! Access to prepared delicious meals that are whole foods without all the junk that keeps holding you back.



By taking the right nutritional supplements, we can assure your body has the right internal environment to be successful at losing the unwanted weight, building strength and lean muscle and maintaining a high level of energy to change how you move, look, work and feel!



In 30 days you will:
Reduce cravings
learn to eat smart for long term success
eliminate inflammatory foods
improve body composition
see how healthy can taste great
get stronger
feel awesome



What to expect
Fit30 Nutrition Plan
30 days of Precision Nutrition coaching (click to see the power)
Goal Setting – you pick what’s most important – weight loss, strength and endurance, reset nutrition habits, get healthy or just feel good again! We’ll measure what you want to achieve before and after
Fun, safe and effective workouts
Daily motivation from your coaches
Daily digital coaching and reminders
Complete reset of healthy habits
Team Stretch for recovery and improved mobility
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Members email Wendy (, only $29 or FREE if you bring a non-member friend to participate (Only $99 for non-members)


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