“I was so happy with my results from week one!!!  Definitely feeling stronger everyday.  It was easier to tackle some major up/down gardening duties the other day in half the time it would have taken me two weeks ago.  Now, at the midway  point I’m really excited I made this commitment to start getting healthier and stronger.  At 63 with 2 grandbabies, I want to do everything I can to be here for a long, long time!!!  My family has been trying to get me off the couch for years!  I’ve neglected taking care of me!  I’m one of those who has generally put everyone else first.  Other weight loss programs don’t see me keeping the weight off permanently like I would want….

The Performax coaches have been great, picking up on my strengths and weaknesses, especially with my shoulder issue.  They make sure i get the right instruction and workout for improving it along with the rest of my ‘bod’.  I’m excited I’ve made the decision to keep moving forward in the months and years ahead and I have to give the trainers a lot of the credit for that.  I’ve noticed better flexibility, more energy and a general healthy feeling in such a short time, I can’t wait to see how this progresses!  Thank you to all the trainers helping me to get shredding!  And for listening and being so encouraging with your daily emails and the Facebook group.”